No-MO-Red-Tape Initiative

Working with the Argive team, my job was to make sure incoming citizen survey data got automatically transferred and organized into a format to be shown to the public.

Source data came from various sources: Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, TypeForm Surveys, etc. I created a process that automatically filtered and standardized this data into separate Airtable bases.

You can see the final results of the data at the NoMORedTape website.

Technologies used:

  • Airtable API
  • Ubuntu 16.04 w/ Digital Ocean
  • Node.js
  • Fine uploader
  • js-xlsx
  • Zapier
  • Cron


  • 10k+ records transferred
  • 100+ spreadsheets uploaded
  • 40+ separate databases
  • Pipeline processes executing as fast as every half-hour

Excel Upload Tool

I also created a small web app that allowed government departments to upload their Excel spreadsheets directly to Airtable. This relieved the Argive team from having to keep up with a flooded inbox of new spreadsheets.