Design • iOS • Backend

PodTalk is a podcast app that lets you create podcast communities.

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This app has a ton of features.

Group Features
  • Episode Comments. Members can comment (and reply) at specific points of an episode, with both text and voice recordings.
  • Embedded Comments. Comments can be automatically added to podcasts. For example, if a member leaves a text comment at the 27 minute mark, listeners will get a text notification on their phone when they reach that point in the show. If someone leaves a voice comment, the show will pause, play the voice comment, and then resume the show. (Note: Listeners can turn this off, or customize it to only play comments from specific group members.)
  • Group chat. Each group has their own chat room. Includes user-to-user direct messaging.
  • Group playlist. Members can share episodes with each other.
  • Private and Public Groups.
  • Group Announcements.
  • Notifications. Get notifications whenever a member joins the group, makes a comment, replies, etc. All 100% customizable.
  • Access Controls. Admins can limit who can comment, edit the playlist, etc.
Podcast Player Features
  • Offline Downloads
  • Multiple Playlists
  • Search Filters
  • Episode Bookmarks with #hashtag support
  • Car Mode
  • Episode Replays
  • Sleep Timer

Technologies used

  • Swift
  • Python w/ Django-REST Framework
  • Postgres
  • Push notifications
  • SendBird Chat Integration
  • AWSS3 for storing voice comments
  • Ubuntu 16.04 w/ Digital Ocean
  • Nginx
  • Lets-Encrypt
  • gunicorn for process management

App complexity

  • 80+ screens
  • 12+ third-party libsAlamoFire, Firebase, Kingfisher
  • multiple audio playback channels (podcasts, voice comments, voice recordings, text-to-speech, podcast snippets)